My 5P Study Notes: Thessalonians (Letter 2, Chapter 2)

Thessalonians Summer Series
June-July 2014
5P Bible Study Method Book

Chapter 2:
Pore, Paraphrase, Pull Out ->
– Jesus Christ will return and those who are His will meet Him.
– Do not fear or be anxious because of the untruths spread by those who say they can predict Christ’s return.
– Don’t be deceived by anyone!
– Only God knows the day He has determined for the LORD’s triumphant return.
– The evil one delights in destruction, ungodliness, irreverence, and idolatry. He would have God’s people worship him instead of the Most High God.
– Be warned. The evil one is deceptive and cunning. He employs every wicked trick he can to lure, tempt, and draw away man.
– The spiritual death comes by way of a rejection of the LORD, His Truth, and His salvation.
– Do not wander from God’s Truth.
– Though Satan would have us believe his lies, we must not! Combat his lies with the Word of God.
– God will judge all. He will see the hearts of those who denied His truth and refused to believe. He will judge those who “reveled in wickedness.”
– The LORD would have all men be saved.
– Allow the Holy Spirit to work in you. He will sanctify you.
– Believe God. He is our liberating King, now and always.
– Stand firm in, hold tightly to, live and abide by the Word of God and cling to the teachings thereof.
– The LORD can comfort you and give you a good hope.
– The grace of God can, will, and does answer your heart’s questions.
– God can strengthen you so that His every good work can be realized.
– The LORD God will slay the evil one.

Pose ->
1) Do you know Jesus? If so, how well?
2) Can any man predict the day or the hour of the LORD’s return?
3) What untruths have you believed?
4) Do you search the Scriptures diligently to see if what is said, taught, or done around you is in alignment with God’s truths?
5) How do you deal with deception?
6) Do you engage in deceptive practices?
7) What is the opposite of destruction, ungodliness, irreverence and idolatry?
8) Do you view God as the Most High? What does this mean to you?
9) What idols or little “g” gods have taken your time, attention, energy, and heart away from God?
10) What or rather who should your worship be about?
11) Is worship an all-consuming act of the heart or something else entirely?
12) What tricks has the devil used, past to present, to pull your attention from God, His Word, and/or your spirit to Spirit connection?
13) Have you ever suffered a spiritual death in any season?
14) How does God revive the weary saint?
15) Why would anyone reject the LORD?
16) Does God have a salvation plan for His children? (Expound on this.)
17) What are the things that cause you to wander from the path of righteousness?
18) What is one of the greatest lies that Satan tells man?
19) If God were to judge you based on your present heart status, what do you think would be the outcome?
20) Are you resting in any “comfortable wickedness?”
21) Do you want to be saved?
22) What are the works of the Holy Spirit?
23) Do you believe that the promises of God are true?
24) Have you allowed God to comfort you truly?
25) What do you hope for?
26) What questions and/or confessions do you have for God at this time?
27) Do you understand the weakness-grace of God link?

Plan and Pin -> Answer every question in my journal and/or through prayer. Complete a survey on the book of Acts. Make note of the steps or acts that took place with each conversion.

Join me all summer long as I work my way through 1 and 2 Thessalonians using P. Shirer’s 5P Bible Study Method. In addition to this, I will be completing Beth Moore’s latest study, Children of the Day, so you may get a few extra tidbits here and there. God bless and stay in His Word!


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