The Way of the PRODIGAL

Lost in the extravagance of self, the prodigal chose her path.

She mastered the art of wanting more.

She meandered down the way of lavish desires.

She wasted her possessions on poisonous passion pursuits.

She squandered her inheritance for a recklessness of heart.

Having reached bottom, she was filled with a lonely ache.

Having exhausted herself on riotous living, she was overwhelmed with a new kind of hunger.

She mourned her loss.

She grieved her change.

She lamented her life.

Shame. Guilt. Doubt. Suffering. The ultimate in ruin.

Was there something to hope for, she wondered.

Realize. Repent. Return. Release. Reform. The perfect answer.

After having gone astray so magnificently, could the love of a Father satisfy and fill her so completely?

Could the unconditional affection of her Caregiver be the more she always longed for?

Would a pure touch of grace from the Lover of her soul provide a holy antidote against that wanton craving that lived inside of her once upon a time?

(A Literary Short, 4HG2014)

Could the way of the prodigal be about you?

Scripture Reading: Luke 15:11-32
Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: Answer the following questions as honestly and thoroughly as you can.

1) What resources, gifts, talents, or blessings are you presently squandering for the sake of immediate gratification and/or personal satisfaction?

2) Are you heavily burdened by your desire for more?

3) What antidote does God guarantee for the wayward and the lost?


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