Family, Faith and Fun Book Recommendations

Close as a BreathClose as a Breath by Callie Grant

My Thoughts:
The curiosity of a child is a marvelous thing, and this short board book does a good job of presenting it. Filled with the purely innocent questions of a little girl to her dad, this book gives readers a wonderful view of God and His creation. The rhythmical movement of the words and the well-spoken Q&A dialogue was just right for a family time read aloud. The Scripture addition was also a delightful bonus.

Rating: 4/5

Jesus Saves Me: Knowing My God SeriesJesus Saves Me (Knowing My God) by Callie Grant

My Thoughts:
Jesus Saves Me (Knowing My God) was such a surprising book. To be a board book for youngsters, I found it to be quite thorough and detailed on the subject matter of the Good Shepherd. I loved it! With simple and familiar Scripture references and several richly worded summations, this book taught in the best of ways. The pictures that accompanied the author’s thoughtful summaries were superb, and the colorful background and page layouts were very, very appealing.

Rating: 5/5

Little Seed: A LifeLittle Seed: A Life by Callie Grant

My Thoughts:
Little Seed: A Life was a beautifully done work. With bright colors and visually appealing illustrations, this book popped. The simplicity of the story itself was perfect. The book had a huge lesson regarding life and its cycle. I loved how it not only spoke to the seed and the process of growth toward what it would become, but it also spoke, in my opinion, to man and his process of growth toward what he too could become. I was left with the thought of God’s provision and influence and how it goes forward through our own lives.

Rating: 5/5

A complimentary copy of each title was made available by the author/publisher via Shelton Interactive in exchange for an honest critique. The words I have shared are my own. I was not required to submit a positive review.


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