Friday’s Faith Feature|Resonating Thoughts from I Want God by Lisa Whittle (1/5)


“Since you are reading I Want God, I imagine one of four things to be true of you. Either you are in a place of lack – the starving, desperate, need-God-to-consume-you-more-than-what-is-currently-consuming-your-life-place; you are in a place of plenty but it is not satisfying and you still want more; you are spiritually dead and have no clue how to change it; or you are on a search for what you think may be the missing piece of your life. It doesn’t matter which. Your soul is in need of revival.”

Lisa Whittle


A Word from Kim: The entire introduction of Lisa’s book is a beacon. It speaks in a way that is hard to put into words. I feel strongly that it shares a message that will resonate with many. Lisa, quite frankly, sends out a call to those who are or who have been faith-challenged, faith-filled, frustrated or just plain fried.


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