Saved But Still Enslaved

Strongholds and idols…quite the problem for those who desire to be faithful. If you have ever struggled with or if you are struggling with these now, I encourage you to follow this series. It will be for your good and your growth. God bless!


I am beginning a new teaching series entitled, “Saved But Still Enslaved: How to Tear Down Satan’s Strongholds.” Through this study we will discover that these strongholds exist in the lives of Christians, limiting our forward progress as we seek to live for God.

A stronghold is any thought or idea that tends to exalt itself against the word of God. Strongholds are tools of the devil that seek to rob us from the truth that God has given us through His word. These thoughts manifest themselves in a variety of ways, but they all seek to ruin us and trap us in a web of self-sabotage.

God has given us the power, however to tear down these strongholds and bring them underneath the reign of Jesus. He has put within our spiritual inventory the tools we need to tear the strongholds down.

Each week we will look at how…

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