Friday’s Faith Feature|Resonating Thoughts from I Want God by Lisa Whittle (4/5)

“We may not be trying to be famous, but we, the everyday people, still want to be popular. We still want attention and kudos and accolades. We still want significance and for people to know our names. That all seems harmless, but those desires so easily slide into an unhealthy place where we ask people to give us things to make us feel worthy. And it gets in the way of wanting God, because other people’s attention suddenly takes center stage instead of Him. When we give ourselves away to other people, we can never fully give our whole selves to God.

God didn’t create people to become other people’s gods. He knows that when we become other people’s gods we will not fight the same, love the same, risk the same. He knows we won’t preach the same. He knows we will settle more and become watered down people. He knows we will have to consider our image above everything else and that will extinguish passion flames and truth-telling and free speech. He knows it will make us dilute bitter-tasting truth so people can swallow it better.”

– Lisa Whittle

A Word from Kim: No level of attention or fame is worth compromising our relationship with God. So often, we tend to get caught up. Caught up in compliments. Caught up in celebrity. Even caught up in notoriety in extreme cases. But in truth, all those things can easily cloud the waters, making our faith walk murky and unclear. Ultimately, we drown in our own selfish desire to be known. And while that happens to us, many others are led down a path of idolatrous destruction. With all of this said and with all of the aforementioned in mind, it would behoove us to place God in the position He is best suited for over and in our lives, that of the Most High.#IWantGod  untitled


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