Gideon: Your Weakness. God’s Strength (PTBS – 4)

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series

Gideon: Your Weakness. God’s Strength. 2cb702be-dafa-4d5e-923f-df23c7f1b270

Week 4: The Key To Our Strength 

Summary: In life, many of us get so caught up in the details that we fail to focus our attention on what really matters. We focus on our jobs, our health issues, our family life challenges, our old hurts and betrayals, our paralyzing fears, and even on our habitual sins. We get so heavy in heart by such matters that we fail to see the God who is our perfect answer, our present help, our divine healing, and our infinite strength.

From Priscilla to Us:

“Weakness is a key, and like most keys, it’s designed to open something. God designed your key specifically to fit the lock He has in mind for you. He uses your weaknesses, the areas and places where you feel the least strong, to open a divine door. Without this key, we would rarely experience God’s strength.”

This Week’s Assignment:

1) Answer the following questions.

– “Do you tend to focus on your weaknesses? Yes/No

If so, what effect does this have on your



Ability to Move Forward?”

– ( See page 70.)

– What do you tend to do when you are overwhelmed by a situation? (Do you focus on what you can’t do or rather on what God can do?)

– If misplaced focus contributes to spiritual weakness, what would sustained focus on God do for spiritual strength?

2) Read the lesson material from Week 4 in your member book. (Week 4, Day 4 – The “Dew” and the “Do” of Heaven – will be featured in next week’s post.)

3) Sit down in a quiet place and have a full on confession session with God. Tell Him of your burdens, your fears, your weaknesses, and your misplaced focus. Next, spend some time investigating His Word. Conduct searches on the key words underlined previously.



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