Books Galore! – A Week of Reviews, Day 4 (SEED, Pack 1)

Today’s featured review is all about how a very specific SEED can facilitate personal spiritual growth. May the fruit produced in your life, by way of this recommended read, be plentiful.

Day 4: SEED, Pack 1 by Priscilla Shirer 

About the Study:

SEED is a resource by Priscilla Shirer that includes thought-provoking, modern-day parables with weekly Bible study guides and short video messages. Pack 1 provides 3 weeks of study and corresponds with DVDs 1-3 (Forgotten, Enough, and Control).

About the Video Sessions:
– In Forgotten, Priscilla reminds us that God notices our worth and cares for us at all times and in all seasons.

– In Enough, Priscilla emphasizes that God is a good Father to us and that He has taken care of us up to now. She lets us know that He will continue to do so. His gifts are good and they are always good enough.

– In Control, Priscilla discusses how we all want to do the leading and have the control in our own life. Giving that up, she says, is difficult, but it is what God requires of us. She makes a point of indicating that when we do give up control, we really can see that it produces a beautiful result.

Phone Tree Review: Bible study is a tremendous experience that has the ability to bring forth change and to radically transform one’s existence. This is certainly the case when considering a Priscilla Shirer Bible study. Her SEED series is hands down one of the best.

The appeal of this particular Bible study is that it highlights the 5P method, which happens to be a favorite of mine. It encourages the student to read, study, analyze, and breakdown the Scriptures. It does not offer spoon-fed portions, rather it provides tasty morsels meant for slow savoring and for building the appetite. I loved it!

This study is not for the faint of heart or the fickle. It will go as deep as you choose to take it.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Recommend: Yes


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