HIS (My Worship, Reflection, and Life at Present)

Many of you know that my ONEWord experience for 2014 has been focused on the word HIS. In all that HIS encompasses, my mission, my aim, has been to connect with the Most High through it.

I confess that it has been a highly enlightening journey. I have learned more about myself in the last few months than I thought possible.

Some of the things I have learned…

1) Only God…

Only God makes me good enough, worthy enough, strong enough, and well enough. Without Him, I can do nothing to make things “right.” I cannot do for myself or for any other without His provision, His help, or His blessing.

2) Falling does not mean failing…

Making mistakes, having faith slip ups, or stumbling and forgetting how to get up does not equate to an automatic fail in God’s eyes. Falling does not mean failure. God knew that I would fall magnificently. He knew that I would forget how to push up, pull up, lift up, and even look up. BUT, He provided an avenue for me by way of Jesus. Jesus, the person who loves me and saves me from the world and from myself daily. All I have to remember to do is to fall down and humble myself before Him and trust that He will pick me up.

3) Every day is a day to celebrate God anew…

Every day that I am given, I am invited to celebrate God. I am invited to partake of and to praise Him because of His majesty. I am invited to worship. I am invited to express and to demonstrate my adoration for all that He is in His I AMness.

4) Discover the joy…

Sometimes I have gotten so caught up in doing life that I forget to find the joy in it. I forget to find the happiness. I forget to see this life in Christ as a wonderful and wonder-filled adventure in faith. Finding the joy in God’s being and in His presence, in Jesus and in His keeping, and in the Holy Spirit and in His teaching should translate into every part of my existence.

5) Touching grace…

In terms of my Scripture focus (Ephesians 3:17-19), I am still digging into it. I have come to better see it and understand it through the aspect of grace. Grace – that devastatingly miraculous and wholly beautiful language of love. Even now, it astonishes me. It is hard to put into words just what it means. It is beyond beyond and still more than that. And I am allowed to touch it every single moment of every single day that I am gifted with.

6) Forgive and…

I have learned huge lessons on this front, and they have all been quite clear. I am to forgive others  – those who have hurt me, who have made unfair judgments or accusations regarding me , and who have called me something other than who I am. I am to forgive those who have abused me, ridiculed me, harbored ill feelings toward me, and who have acted harshly against me just because they thought they could. But the biggest forgive lesson to date has been about me forgiving myself.

7) Learn the lesson and move on…

In each good, bad, hard, easy, challenging, and/or awe-inspiring moment, there is a lesson for self and there is a lesson for others. Each lesson should point to God and lead to His glory, ultimately. Sometimes the teach has seemed like it’s stuck on repeat, but I have come to believe that that’s because of me. So, at present, I continue to remind myself to learn the lesson and move on. (Translation: Humble self, exalt God, confess Christ and be honest about sins and struggles, repent and turn from the unholy, and BE…transformed, cleansed, made well, delivered.)

I pray that this honest and real-time talk regarding my ONEWord will in some way encourage you and perhaps bless your life. In the meantime, please take a moment to listen to 2000 Years. This song is inspiring to me and has helped me to examine myself many times over. Maybe it will impact you in the same way.

God Bless,








One thought on “HIS (My Worship, Reflection, and Life at Present)

  1. Rejoice. The first thing I try to focus on when in prayer is something to rejoice. It is hard to program yourself to find joy throughout the day. Great post, great thoughts. Peace be with you!

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