Heart Wide Open (Table Talk Tuesdays, Week 6/8)

A Special Phone Tree Heart-to-Heart Discussion Series

Heart Wide Open – Trading Mundane Faith for an Exuberant Life with Jesus: (A Quote from the Book): “Learning to take my eyes off myself and to trust solely in the finished work of Christ has given me a taste of what it means to live before God – and it has convinced me that the only way to stay free is to live as His slave.” 18373194

Table Talk: So many of us who have been made free in Christ still live in bondage to something or to someone. Believe it or not, this bondage very much  includes bondage to self. Why is this so? Why do we allow ourselves to be chained and shackled by our own fears, insecurities, doubts, weaknesses, challenges, or unbelief?

Table Talk Discussion Questions:

1) What is the difference between self-examination, self-love, and Christ-love regarding self?

2) What are 3 things you can definitively say about yourself regarding your trust level with the LORD?

3) Is freedom in Christ an easy concept to grasp?

4) Do you fear believing that you are well and truly free?

5) Once Jesus Christ has freed you, can you ever go back into bondage? Discuss.

6) What does it mean to be delivered? Saved? Sanctified? Set free?

7) Can beauty and riches be found in knowing that you are a slave of Christ?

Prayer: LORD Almighty, we believe and yet we are afraid sometimes to do that very thing. We trust and yet there are times when we don’t trust enough. We focus on self when in actuality, we should be focused on You. Forgive us. Please. We want to be a people who are centered and grounded in Christ-love. We want to be a people who live free and who find value in surrendering, in submitting, and in sacrificing. Father, we dare to believe You in all that You have said and shared. We dare to believe that we are free! Teach us to live free every day of our lives. In the name of the Savior, Jesus the Christ. Amen.

To Read an Excerpt From This Book and To Order Your Copy: Heart Wide Open – Trading Mundane Faith for an Exuberant Life with Jesus by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson


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