Beautiful Mess (PTBS)

A Phone Tree Bible Study based on Beautiful Mess: Motherhood for Every Moment by Sherry Surratt and Tracey Eyster

About the Bible Study:

“As much as women desire to become mothers, sometimes the challenges and circumstances are not what they ever expected. Being a mom is wonderful, but it’s also hard. Moms wonder: Am I enough? How can I love today when my child is deliberately disobeying me? How did I get in this mess, and why can’t I get it together? Motherhood is a beautiful mess. And, regardless of the season, it requires balance and time management with the strength of a CEO! Along the way, women often feel like they’ve lost themselves and wonder what God is doing in their lives or if they are getting anything right. This study helps each mom discover (or remember) that she is the mom God chose for her children, and she is a beautiful mom.

Beautiful Mess Member Book is a 6 session Bible study with personal study material.”


Phone Tree Bible Study Focus Topics & Post Dates:

Week 1: Day 1 – > This Feels Overwhelming (11/9/14)

Week 2: Day 2 – > Believing the Deceiver (11/16/14)

Week 3: Day 3 – > How Do We Get Off Track (11/23/14)

Week 4: Day 5 – >How Do I Do It All (11/30/14)

Week 5: Day 4 – > Am I Paying Attention to Me (12/7/14)

Week 6: Days 3 & 4 – > Pouring & Keep Pouring! (12/14/14)

* Week 7: Final Thoughts: This, My Beautiful Mess (12/21/14)

The Phone Tree Bible Study Group will host a special giveaway for one copy of  Beautiful Mess:Motherhood for Every Moment by Sherry Surratt and Tracey Eyster. Be on the lookout for details in this week’s post, The Great Surrender (Part 2/3).

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