Beautiful Mess (PTBS – 3)

A Phone Tree Bible Study based on Beautiful Mess: Motherhood for Every Moment by Sherry Surratt and Tracey Eyster

As much as women desire to be mothers, sometimes the challenges and circumstances are not what they ever expected.

Phone Tree Bible Study Focus Topic: Week 3: Day 3 – > How Do We Get Off Track

The Beautiful (Resonating Quotes from the Book): “…isn’t that what Satan does? He confuses the situation with smoke and mirrors and gets our conscience all tied up in knots. He starts with getting our eyes on others and making the good about their lives appear even better. He then makes the good God has given us seem small and insignificant, and he sprinkles in some insecurity and an attitude of entitlement just for good measure.”

The Mess (The Takeaway from the Lesson): How do moms get off track in the beautiful mess of motherhood? There are many ways, certainly. Comparing ourselves with others is one of the notable ones though. The “She’s-a-Better-Mom-Than-Me” syndrome strikes at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected ways. Add Satan to that little diddy and there you go. When he gets involved in the process, you better believe that jealously, envy, insecurity, and doubt are headed your way.

The Beautiful Mess Assignment for the Week: Take a moment this week to  write down all of the things that you do with and for your kids. Place your list in your Bible, upon completion. Later in the week, go back and revisit it. Let your list serve as a reminder that you and God are in this role together. Remind yourself that your assignment is not about anyone else, rather it is about you and the LORD.

The Scripture Reflection for the Week: Philippians 4:11

The Question: What do you think is the most distinctive gift and/or quality that you have as a mother?

If you have secured your copy of this title, go ahead and read Week 3 in its entirety. Read all of the referenced Scripture material and answer the questions.


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