The Way “I” See It

(photo courtesy of gencept)

When you look at this photo, what do you see? Do you see opportunity? Do you see danger? Do you see wide open spaces or limited travel?

How we choose to see things has such a profound affect on our attitudes. It influences the way we position ourselves, it influences the way we temper ourselves, it influences the way we approach our lives and our life challenges, and it influences the way we view and deal with our relationships.

What if, instead of seeing the world from an “I” perspective, we viewed it from an “I AM” perspective? What if we looked at others, at our challenges, at our triumphs, at our new situations, at ourselves with an I AM state of mind?

If we each made an active decision or rather a proactive choice to see all things with God in mind, it would change everything for the better.

So, when considering, for example, the things that this picture might represent, as it relates to life, an I AM perspective would allow each one of us to focus on the God connect instead of on anything even remotely related to the negative.

A.M. Scripture Meditation: Matthew 28:20 

Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: Take a moment today to take a closer look at how you choose to see things. Consider the four areas mentioned below. Personalize each one. Be mindful of what you discover about your personal perspective.

A Closer Look at Perspective ->

Opportunity… Do you look at each day like it’s ordinary or extraordinary as it relates to opportunity? Do you see each day as something to get through or like it’s another chance to see the awesomeness of God? 

An I Point of View:

An I AM Point of View:

Danger… Do you automatically look for the dangers, the hidden challenges, the hindrances or the obstacles in life or do you immediately consider the infinite power and provision of God?

An I Point of View:

An I AM Point of View:

Wide Open Spaces… Do you view wide open spaces through the lens of isolation and fear or through the lens of rich abundancy and possibility? 

An I Point of View:

An I AM Point of View:

Limited Travel… Do you view your pilgrimage situation from the perspective of the limitations associated with the journey or from the perspective of the unlimited adventures associated with the journey?

An I Point of View:

An I AM Point of View:

Prayer: Father, help us to see Your I AM-ness in all things. Remove the negative perspective that we tend to focus on. Replace it with a pristine picture of who You are. Please clear the way for us so that we might focus on bringing You glory. In the name of Jesus. Amen.


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