Paying It Forward and Other Random Acts of Kindness

Hi All!

Listen, I would not normally post so quickly after just having posted, but I had to share this amazing story that happened to me today. It completely and utterly astonished me!

Today after I finished teaching my Jazzercise class, I went out to my car and found an envelope taped to my window. It had no name or contact information on it. It was blank.

Well, inside the envelope, I found a folded $100 dollar bill. Yes, you read that correctly. A crisp, green one hundred-dollar bill.

Of course, I was taken aback, to say the least. I mean really!

I found myself looking around to see if there was anyone around me. After all, it was an open lot that was well populated with businesses and people. I thought to myself, “Why me?”

At the time, I did not know how to take it. I quickly scanned the area again and signed the gesture for thank you, in case someone was looking and watching. I then ran across the lot to my office and shared the news with a colleague. She and I stood there in shock.

After confirming and then re-confirming the legitimacy of the bill and verifying that it was not a scam of sorts, I realized that it was a random act of kindness extended toward me. Me!

I have never been on the receiving end of anything quite like this. It was humbling. I certainly thanked God (and I am still doing so).

After sharing the news with a few more folks, I prayed and asked God to show me and to help me decide how to pay this kindness forward. Without going into specifics, I must tell you (with tears in my eyes, with my heart bubbling over, and with my spirit completely enlivened) that the mission has been accomplished.

The blessing in this gift came not from the money, which is no longer mine (not that it ever was). The blessing came in the lesson.
The lesson for me was to pay it forward and to not forget to extend acts of kindness to others.

The lesson for me was to give God the glory and to teach others through random acts of kindness about the glory of God.

The lesson for me was to share and to keep sharing the message of love.

I pray that in reading this, in hearing this, and in remembering this and other similar kinds of acts that you will be encouraged.

I also pray that you will pay the blessings that you have been blessed with forward in some way so that God might be recognized and exalted.


(Photo courtesy of ourfamily2yours)

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