HIS|The John 17 Lesson

My OneWord Journey…

The One Word: HIS (To find out how my journey began, follow this link (HIS 2014.)

The 12/11 Message: Where Worship Meets Life

The A.M. Scripture Reference: John 17

The John 17 Lesson:

1) Glorify God.
2) Know the One true God.
3) Do the work that He [the LORD] has given you to do.
4) Reveal the LORD to others.
5) Keep the Word/receive it!
6) Walk by way of Truth and be set apart by it.
7) Belong to the LORD (give self away).
8) Trust in God’s protection.
9) Have Christ’s joy completed within self.
10) Don’t be of the world!
11) Be mindful of sharing what you have learned with others.
12) Be one (with each other and with the LORD).
13) Acknowledge the power that you have been given (Translation: Have faith!).
14) Know who dwells inside of you (the Holy Spirit of God, the LORD Himself). He is with you to take you over now that you have declared yourself HIS.

To read my other OneWord2014 posts, please visit the archives. God bless!


2 thoughts on “HIS|The John 17 Lesson

  1. I am blessed to be at WAW last night to hear such an awesome study. Thanks for your knowledge and input into God”s word. I am in awe!! You are a vessel for God!

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