Lean on Me (Table Talk Tuesdays, Week 1/5)

A Special Phone Tree Discussion Series Dedicated to Building Community

Lean On Me: Finding Intentional, Vulnerable, and Consistent Community (A Quote from the Book): “We desperately want to belong, yet at the same time we yearn for independence. We want to prove to ourselves and those around us we can survive on our own. That we are not dependent. We are free. To rely on someone else is weakness, this conflicting voice utters. The ears of our spirits listen…It is a daily struggle and a daily surrender to allow ourselves the freedom to wrestle with our holy need for interdependence upon each other in the body of Christ.”

Table Talk: Trusting self enough to entrust yourself to others is no easy task. It is downright difficult. Allowing yourself to be seen, allowing others to witness your struggles, insecurities, doubts, and idiosyncrasies…are you kidding?!?! And yet, this is what we are repeatedly called to do in seasons of our lives.

Can I trust anyone?

Should I put my trust in him or her just because they are in my small group?

How can I trust when I have been betrayed so many times? 

Doesn’t trust have to be earned?

Why should I trust if no one seems to trust me?

These are the things that we sometimes think about when we contemplate the issue of trust. But thoughts like these should not dictate our lives.

Instead of viewing trust and entrusting self from a negative perspective, why not consider it from a positive one? Why not surrender the entire issue to the LORD and allow Him to prescribe what you need in terms of a healthy community?

“We are all created to belong to community by being there for others and asking for help when we need it. Sometimes fears and hang-ups can prevent us from choosing to acknowledge and act. Can you make a choice to accept our need for others and to be willing to love and serve others without hesitation?”Anne Marie Miller    

Table Talk Discussion Question: Do you trust God enough to entrust yourself and your need for community to Him?

Prayer: LORD God, trusting is a hard thing for us to do. We struggle with it greatly, and we beat ourselves up when we get it wrong in our relationships with others. Still, in Your perfect plan, we know that there is a place for it as it relates to community. Please help us to move past ourselves and our hang-ups. In the name of the Savior, Jesus the Christ. Amen.

To Read an Excerpt From This Book and To Order Your Copy: Lean On Me: Finding Intentional, Vulnerable, and Consistent Community



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