Lean on Me (Table Talk Tuesdays, Week 2/5)

A Special Phone Tree Discussion Series Dedicated to Building Community

Lean On Me: Finding Intentional, Vulnerable, and Consistent Community (A Quote from the Book): “In order to have healthy relationships with God and with others, we must surrender. To God, we must surrender our desire to live our lives for ourselves…With others, we surrender our need to be right. We surrender our need to be heard. We trust in the paradox of finding peace in serving instead of demanding to be served and complaining about it when we aren’t.

Yes, we must have healthy boundaries with others, but we must not build up walls. We must choose surrender and vulnerability over our fears of being hurt.

Surrender goes against our very nature to be independent. Surrender indicates we willingly choose to rely on others. We must rewire our thinking to recognize that needing another person (and being the person someone else needs) is not a weakness; it only strengthens us.”

Table Talk: Everything seems to go back to surrender, doesn’t it? And what does surrender go back to? Trust? Love? The heart? The LORD Himself? In truth, it goes back to all of these things. Most importantly, as if there were ever any doubt, it does go back the to LORD and to abandoning self into His keeping. If we do this – abandon ourselves to the heart of the One who loves us most – then what happens is that we can begin to embrace a Philippians 4:13 mindset/heartset toward everything else in our lives.

“Surrender first begins with our surrender to God.”   – Anne Marie Miller

Table Talk Discussion Question: What does surrender mean to you as it relates to God and as it relates to community?

Prayer: LORD, You have called us to do this great task – SURRENDER. In our own strength, it is impossible. In Your strength (and only in Yours), we are able! Help each one of us to move past ourselves and our fears and to approach, embrace, and accept the beauty that comes in and by way of holy surrender. In the name of the Savior, Jesus the Christ. Amen.

To Read an Excerpt From This Book and To Order Your Copy: Lean On Me: Finding Intentional, Vulnerable, and Consistent Community


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