A Serenade of Praise, Waking Up to God

Have you ever had that dream where you were being chased and then suddenly you found yourself awake? Well, that was me about five minutes ago.

I was dealing with something during my waking hours and somehow, some way, I carried it over into my rest. Has that ever happened to you?

The truth of the matter is that, at least for me, when I choose not to deal with something that needs to be dealt with, it will follow and find me (so to speak) until I deal with it before God. It pursues me, if you will, until I acknowledge it and release it to the Father.

Certainly, for some of you, this may sound foreign. It does not make it any less real. It happens.

The amazing thing that I always come to when this happens is that it – the dream wake – (as I choose to call it) awakens me in such a profound way to the presence and being of God.

A few moments ago, I woke up with a serenade of praise on my lips and a clearer perspective about my issue. It was astonishing! To hear, in my wakeful moments, just as in my slumber, “Peace, be still.” It truly brings tears to my eyes even as I type this.

Peace. Be still.

Powerful words that hold a wealth of meaning. Powerful words that call attention to God in a big way.

What I hear in these words…

My peace I give you.

I am with you.

Know that I am God.

And so, at 4:28 A.M., I sit here barely able to contain my emotion, and I praise God with a quiet voice (since everyone here is asleep) and a loud and open heart. I offer Him my private serenade of praise, while also sharing with you how the Word of God and the Spirit of God always bring solace, clarity, and resolution.

You see, it may have seemed, at first, that this was about being chased or even about a dream, but it wasn’t. It was about waking up to God and about blessing Him, praising Him at all times (Psalm 34:1). It was about gifting Him with a serenade of my best praise.

Those two things – waking up to God and giving Him a serenade of praise – were and are my takeaways this morning. Those two things coupled with my ongoing lesson on acknowledging and releasing (surrendering) all things to God bring me to the place of comfort. To the place of Truth. To the place of deliverance. And that makes me want to praise God even more!

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