BREATHE|A Phone Tree Bible Study Experience (Week 1)


“The Sabbath principle is the key to freedom.”

Thoughts… (My Reflections & Considerations)

Entering into this study, I had a certain mindset. I had a plan and a timeline I wanted to refer to. But upon reading, I was immediately astonished by the fact that I did not want to rush through it for the sake of completion. I wanted to sit down and reflect, meditate, consider, study, pray on, and learn on the deepest of levels and see just how this Bible study could truly enrich my life. I wanted to absorb the full meaning behind this familiar and yet wholly foreign concept – Sabbath.

Could the Sabbath hold meaning and relevance for me and for others in this day and age?

Was the BREATHE message one that I had not been allowing in my busy, sometimes cluttered life?

Would I, and those who study alongside me, be challenged to begin thinking anew about something that was an “Old Testament” life plan?

Right from the start, I was both stunned and surprised at the amazing relevance. I lost myself and began finding myself at the place of Genesis 2:2.

What will you find as you attempt to BREATHE this week?

Words… (Scriptural References and Study Points)

– Read Genesis 1-2.
– Spend some time studying and really digging into Genesis 2:1-4.

Actions… (Life Application)

– Apply the word rest to your life. (If you don’t understand what it means, begin exploring the depths of its definition. Pray about it to God and ask Him to draw you into it from His holy perspective.)


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