Lean on Me (Table Talk Tuesdays, Week 4/5)

A Special Phone Tree Discussion Series Dedicated to Building Community


Lean On Me: Finding Intentional, Vulnerable, and Consistent Community (A Quote from the Book): “…I realized how hard it is for me to choose to receive love, and learning to receive love is just as important as giving it.”

Table Talk: Receiving love can be one of the hardest things that an individual can do. Why is this? Do we think that we are undeserving or unworthy of receiving it?

Learning to receive love can, in truth, catapult us to a new level of living and self-acceptance. It can move us to a place of growth and uncover the pathway that leads toward real and lasting community.

Darrell Vesterfelt said, “We can’t give gifts we haven’t received first.” – Anne Marie Miller

Table Talk Discussion Question: Do you think that it is easier to give or to receive love? Discuss.

Prayer: Father, love is the question and the answer to life and all that comes with it, and yet, it can be hard for many to not only give it but also hard for many to receive it. Please help us to partake sincerely of Your love and allow that pure love to consume us so that we might learn how to both give and receive in a Christ-like way. In the name of Jesus. Amen.


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