Lean on Me (Table Talk Tuesdays, Week 5/5)

A Special Phone Tree Discussion Series Dedicated to Building Community

Lean on Me: Finding Intentional, Vulnerable, and Consistent Community (A Quote from the Book): “There are times when we are depleted and we need to be poured into, but even in those moments we can look around for the small ways to show love: opening a door for someone, tipping the waiter just a little bit more, or sending a small note to a friend letting them know you’re thinking about them. These small moments carry great weight, maybe even more than being available for the bigger moments in life…
Start small, be faithful, and see what God will do when you are intentional, vulnerable, and committed to consistently living and loving and serving in relationships with others.”

Table Talk: Love is the balm that heals all wounds, and it is also the solution for all that is whole as well as for all that is broken when it comes to relationships. Christ-love directed from one life and heart to another is what allows and supports each of us, giving us the ability to be intentional, vulnerable and even consistent in our communities. It is what grounds us and centers us so that we can both give and receive love in the smallest or in biggest ways. Because of it, we have the capacity to lean and to be leaned on.

“It can be easy to put a greater importance on ‘finding community’ than growing in our relationships with Christ. Community is important, but unless we are consistently spending time with our Father God, it will never reach the potential He has planned for it.”

Table Talk Discussion Question: What are some ways that demonstrate how you both give and receive Christ-love?

Prayer: Dearest Father, how Your love and presence impact us. We are grateful. Your Christ-love influence is desired over our lives and hearts so that we might be willing vessels in our quest for community. We confess that being intentional, vulnerable and even consistent in community can be intimidating, but with You we can do it. Help us not to be afraid of doing exactly what Christ did. In the name of Jesus. Amen.



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