BREATHE|A Phone Tree Bible Study Experience (Week 4)

“…once slavery has been internalized, the mind remains in bondage even when the body is free. Without an experience of rest, the concept of margin, breathing room, and boundary is difficult for someone with a slave mentality to understand.

So, God prescribed for His people – then and now – a loving, gracious gift that would break the chains that remained inside of them. The gift was called Sabbath.

The Sabbath was one of the main remedies Yahweh employed to assist in the freedom of their souls.” – Priscilla Shirer 

Thoughts… (My Reflections & Considerations)

As I inhale and exhale, breathing my way through this study at a slow and enjoyable pace, I have been made that much more aware of the value that the Sabbath principle has for my life. This week, I spent time reading and pondering over Sabbath, Slavery, and Snowstorms (pp. 24-25). I loved how Priscilla discussed bondage and freedom. Particularly, three points that she made resonated with me greatly.

1) “They had become accustomed to enslavement as a lifestyle.”

2) “Strangely, slavery had become comfortable for them…”

3) “…to experience freedom, they needed to practice the disciple of freedom.”

As I reflected on these words, I could not help questioning how rest played out in freedom. Perhaps another way of looking at it is this – does busyness, life clutter, and chaotic order contribute to a slavery mindset?

How does one break away from the busyness, the clutter, and the chaos of life that entangles us so easily? You and I both know the answer to that…rest in The LORD. Rest (in the Most High) has the capacity to allow us a new freedom from the daily bondage that we often find ourselves stuck in.

Words… (Scriptural References and Study Points)

Read Psalm 62:1-2 in some of your favorite Bible translations. As you read, put a circle around the action verbs associated with these reference Scriptures. Make sure to personalize what you uncover and take notes on what your take away is. Also, write down all of the words used to describe God.

Actions… (Life Application)

A symbolic exercise -> On separate pieces of paper, write down those things that you are in bondage to presently. Once you have done this, connect each slip together with a stapler, making sure to reveal the words that you have written. Place the paper chain somewhere that is both private and visible to you. Each day that you wake up and encounter it, stop and pray to God, asking Him to free you from the chain that binds you. Be very clear and direct with the LORD and practice the discipline of freedom with a sincere heart.

(photo courtesy of inneractivefitclub)


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