Right Before My Very Eyes

One minute you were here and in the next you were not.
You smiled at me and held my hand, comforting me even as I sought to comfort you.
You gave of yourself so freely, imparting knowledge, showing kindness, practicing patience until the end.
You were there, totally unafraid.
Right before my very eyes, you lived a lifetime.
The gift you shared, it lives on.
It speaks even as you are silent.
A beautiful gift birthed, from life to death and on.
Love really is all that matters.
Thank you for that final lesson of grace and courage.

for my Uncle James Douglas

Losing someone you love is hard. It hurts. It stirs up so many emotions and feelings inside of you that it can become overwhelming. The loved ones who remain rally and pray, supporting each other even as they grieve as a unit and as individuals. Only the God of all comfort brings the peace that’s truly desired. This post is about my great need to express myself regarding the huge loss that my family and I very recently had. It is a tribute to my uncle. Thank you for obliging me.  My loved ones and I have not had a significant loss like this in decades. We are extremely close and this was unexpectedly expected. Please, please pray for us all. And if I may, I want to take this moment in time that I have been given to remind you of just how important it is to tell the people you care about how much you love them. Just tell them, and let them know that the LORD loves them even more. I wish you well on your journey; may it be blessed.

photo courtesy of springorguk


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