Top 10 Lessons of the Week (#truth15.1)

1) No matter what, God knows the heart.

2) 1 Corinthians 13 should be read as often as possible and serve as a reminder of what should be.

3) When an opportunity to help someone – anyone – presents itself, do not hesitate to serve.

4) Other people besides you need encouragement and prayers.

5) Raising a child can teach you more things about yourself than you think. Cherish the lessons (the easy, sweet ones and the hard, prickly ones).

6) No evil, no matter how dark and menacing, will ever overcome good or God.

7) __________ (fill in the blank) tries to steal the air that freedom breathes. (Inhale. Exhale. Don’t forget to draw breath from the Most High.)

8) Bible study can look different in different seasons and that’s okay.

9) No is the best yes!

10) Your life is not about you. (To understand the purest and deepest meaning of this, study the following concepts: surrender, glorify, servitude, and love. Consider all as it relates to God.)


The Top 10 Lessons of the Week are a part of my #TRUTH walk for 2015. Throughout the year, you will be seeing more. I cannot wait to see what’s next! May I encourage you to compile your own list of top 10 lessons; you will be blessed through the experience.

(Top 10 photo courtesy of magicwordsquare; OneWord photo courtesy of Traci Michele)


One thought on “Top 10 Lessons of the Week (#truth15.1)

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