BREATHE|A Phone Tree Bible Study Experience (Week 7)

Thoughts… (My Reflections & Considerations)

I absolutely adored this week’s reading! I walked away with a new appreciation for the word no. I knew that there was power in it, but Priscilla helped me to better see the freedom that comes with it as well. She helped me to see how the inability to say no impacts my God-love stance. She also helped me to see what that inability to say no reveals about my relationship to other things, people, etc.

The message that stayed with me could be wrapped up in three words…rest, rely, and respond. I understand that if I do these things – rest in the LORD, rely on His Spirit, and respond to His will – I can, indeed, go to that sacred place of worship where I can both breathe in and savor the Most High in the way in which He deserves.

The Spirit of God lives in us, not only to enliven us, but also to empower us to regain control. We need only to surrender to His work in our lives. Yes, that’s right. The Sabbath is about surrender. To the extent that you and I yield to the Spirit’s control, that’s the extent to which we will begin to see His fruit flourish in our lives. He will empower us to be self-controlled and have the courage to say ‘no’ without guilt, shame, or worry.”

Words… (Scriptural References and Study Points)

“In your own words, rewrite and expand on this idea: The Sabbath is about surrender.” (P. Shirer, p. 49)

Actions… (Life Application)

This week, make it a point to read, review, study and meditate on the fruit of the Spirit. At the end of the each day, journal about what you have learned and about what you come to realize about yourself and your response to the Spirit’s fruit.


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