BREATHE|A Phone Tree Bible Study Experience (Week 9 – The Final Lesson)


Thoughts… (My Reflections & Considerations)
When I first started this study, I can recall asking myself three distinct questions. I had asked whether the Sabbath held meaning and relevance for the saint of today, I had asked whether or not the BREATHE message was one that I had not been allowing in my busy life, and I had asked whether or not there was something that I needed to learn from this message. Well, I can definitely say that the BREATHE-Sabbath message and lessons were, indeed, relevant, needful, timely, and purposed.

There were so many unique points that Priscilla made throughout this Bible study. The overall takeaways for me, however, had to do with freedom and surrender.

Words… (Scriptural References and Study Points)
For this, the final week, I have decided to leave a series of questions for your consideration. These are real-time thoughts that will hopefully lead you, just as they led me, to even more time with the LORD.

– Do you allow yourself any breathing room each day to simply remember, reflect and worship the LORD?
– In those private moments of worship that you are fortunate enough to carve out for yourself, is your experience rich?
– Who do you make your worship experience about? (Do you spend more time talking to God about yourself or do you take time to truly and sincerely honor and glorify Him?)
– If you have learned the value of having and living a surrendered life before God, in what ways has the sovereign LORD showed you a new kind of freedom?
– From this point forward, what (or who) do you intend to make your “Top 3” in terms of priorities?

Suggested Scripture Reading: Psalm 34

Actions… (Life Application)
Start a praise journal. Write down a praise or worship meditation each day. Challenge yourself to go further by reading the book of the psalms. Copy resonating entries that breathe life into your heart.

“…God gave us the Sabbath to refocus our attention – to cause us to bring to the center stage of our minds and hearts the Person who we have placed at the periphery far too long. Margin keeps us from marginalizing God.” – P. Shirer


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