12 Sundays (A 5P Journey Through the Psalms)

12 Sundays…Week 1


So you may have been wondering where I have been. Well, I’ve been around, nearby, not far at all. I have been quiet. I have been thinking. Reflecting. Considering. In a nutshell, I have been contemplating my new direction in terms of Bible study.

Over the last few weeks, I have come to realize that what I need is a 5P revival.

The 5P of it deals with Priscilla Shirer’s extremely effective and utterly wonderful bible study method. (I need it!)

The “5 P’s” of Bible Study at a Glance:

Position yourself.
Pore over and paraphrase the material.
Pull out the points.
Pose your questions.
Plan obedience and pin a date.

The revival aspect deals with my personal need to be refreshed and strengthened by the LORD and His Word. (I want it!)

And so, instead of featuring a formal workbook-based Bible study over the next few weeks, I have elected to host a study series called 12 Sundays (A 5P Journey Through the Psalms). It will run each Sunday, from April – June 2015.

12 Sundays at a Glance:

– April 5, 2015 -> 12 Sundays – An Update and an Invitation

– April 12, 2015 -> Psalm 139:1-8

– April 19, 2015 -> Psalm 139:9-16

– April 26, 2015 -> Psalm 139:17-24

– May 3, 2015 -> Psalm 148:1-7

– May 10, 2015 -> Psalm 148:8-14

– May 17, 2015 -> Psalm 118:1-11

– May 24, 2015 -> Psalm 118:12-20

– May 31, 2015 -> Psalm 118:21-29

– June 7, 2015 -> Psalm 78:1-24

– June 14, 2015 -> Psalm 78:25-48

– June 21, 2015 -> Psalm 78:49-72

As I walk through the psalms, I invite you to join me.

A Personal Invitation:

Journey to the place of your very own revival.

Witness the power and the majesty of God anew.

Indulge in worship via a celebration of praise and thanksgiving.

Weep with gladness as you and I both come to know the God who extends such magnificent grace from His heart of abundant love.  

A Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge for Week 1:

Go ahead and begin reading each listed psalm this week.  Write down your general thoughts. Be sure to highlight any verses that resonate with you.

His Word. Life Relevance. Holy Direction.


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