12 Sundays (A 5P Journey Through the Psalms)|Week 3

12 SundaysWeek 3


Position: Psalm 139:9-16

Pore Over/Paraphrase: No matter where I attempt to carry myself or what time I seek to lose myself in, You, LORD, are in a place to be found. Your hand is always outstretched to me. You are forever ready to guide me and hold me. You are forever ready to protect me from myself. You know of me and my whereabouts at my lowest moments, just as in my highest moments. You know me so intimately and perfectly. I praise and celebrate You for the miracle of who You are and who You have made me to be. You saw me before my genesis and You see me as travel toward my revelation. Bless You, Father! Bless You, LORD.

Pull Out (the spiritual principles): 

– The LORD exists all around us.

– It is impossible to run from the LORD’s presence. 

– Turning to the place of darkness will not hinder God from reaching out to you. 

– There is rest and truth in the safety of the LORD; He is THE ark of protection we need and long for.

– Your mountain, valley and desert moments will not and cannot stop God from extending His love toward You. 

– There is no one who will ever know you or love you more than God. 

– An outpouring of praise for the God who was and is your I AM in all moments is your reasonable service. Worship Him magnificently and without conditions or limitations. HE IS WORTHY!

Pose (the questions):

– If the LORD lives all around us, can He see us from all sides? (Delve into this one deeply.)

– Is there a greater meaning or lesson in knowing that God exists both outside as well as inside of us (by way of His Spirit for those who have chosen to follow the Christ)?

– How does Jonah’s story relate to my own story? 

– What is the attraction felt toward the “darkness” or toward dark things in our lives really about?

– Does God ever turn away from His children? Is His hand always going to be reaching out to us?

– What is the significance of an ark? How is God like an ark?

– Will God ever be stopped from what He wants to accomplish? 

– How is God the definition of love? (Use the Bible to answer this one.)

– When you offer God praise, is it your best praise? 


1) This week, complete a word study. Research the word ark. Upon completing your research, study the scriptures where references to an ark are made. Make note of what you learn and pay close attention to how what you learn relates to God. 

2) Proceed to Psalm 139:17-24. Read the verses and make your 5p notations.

photo courtesy of sonomachristianhome


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