The Art of Losing Yourself – A Book Club Chat and Reflective Discussion (3/4)

The Art of Losing Yourself – A Weekly Online Book Club Chat and Reflective Discussion
April 2015


The Art of Q & A: Week 3, Chapter 45

Power to the Faint…

So much spoke to my heart from chapter 45. Isaiah 40:28-31, along with Carmen’s shared thoughts, touched me so deeply that I quickly found myself reflecting on the truth of God’s words in a whole new way. 

Q: Do you ever find yourself asking God why you have to endure certain challenges?

Q: Is there a rhyme or reason for obstacles to come into our lives? Discuss.

Q: When someone asks if you are okay, does what you say match the truth of how you feel?

Q: Do you believe that you are worth saving? (Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: Journal-pray to God about what it means to be saved. After you have completed this task, spend some time thanking God for all the ways He saves you daily.)

Q: What does Isaiah 40:28-31 mean to you and what encouraging lesson can you find there?

Q: In what ways do you find yourself “locked in the past,” and how can Jesus Christ help you deal with this?

Q: Where do whispers of doubt originate? Why are they so debilitating?

Q: How can one who is faint or weary find wholeness?

Q: Who or what do you need God to rescue you from? (Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: Conduct a word study on the word Savior.)

“Behold, I make all things new.” – Revelation 21:5

Next week’s Book Club Chat and Reflective Discussion will highlight some of my favorite quotes and lessons from the book.
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To get this book: The Art of Losing Yourself


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