The Art of Losing Yourself – A Book Club Chat and Reflective Discussion (4/4)

The Art of Losing Yourself – A Weekly Online Book Club Chat and Reflective Discussion
April 2015


The Art of Q & A: 3 of My Favorite Quotes and My Personal Takeaway Lessons

“Our worlds were most comfortable when we saw what we wanted to see.”

My Abbreviated Thoughts: I cannot tell you how many times I sat and reflected on this one thought. Even in its simplicity, it revealed so much. And there is not just one lesson that can be found in these words, there are many. Instead of addressing the obvious issue related to this quote from the book, the one that I want to tease out, deals with the word comfortable.

Being uncomfortable versus being comfortable and the value therein for the Christian is a concept that I have visited repeatedly. What I have learned regarding this is that while comfort is a wonderful thing, it can also be impactful in a way that may not be for the best. 

When I am “comfortable,” I tend to notice how stagnancy and arrogance enter my life. Believe me when I say that this is dangerous! In my comfortable stagnancy and puffed up arrogance, not only do I see what I want to see within myself, but I also believe what I want to believe about myself. 

My Lesson: Being uncomfortable influences me to rely on, depend on and trust in God more than myself.

Q: Is being comfortable in the LORD the same thing as being uncomfortable in life? Discuss.

“Moments of weakness are bound to happen. I’m afraid it’s a side effect of being human. What matters is how we cope in our moments of weakness.”

My Abbreviated Thoughts: After reading this quote, my mind immediately went to 2 Corinthians 12:8-10. I drew strength and was encouraged by the words that I found there. 

Reading Paul’s words and God’s response to the disciple’s words… it could have been me. It is me! But just as the LORD spoke to Paul and calmed him, He does the same for me. 

My Lesson: I must call out to the LORD at all times. I must depend on Him for a ready word, for the uncompromising truth, for His unwavering strength and power, and for infinite peace in the face of my life’s drama. 

Q: If God were to take away all of your weaknesses, challenges, struggles and conflicts, would you have a need for Him? Discuss.

Who do you say Jesus is, Gracie Fisher? I didn’t know. Not really. But I knew who I wanted Him to be.

My Abbreviated Thoughts: I loved that thoughtful question – Who do you say Jesus is. No matter how many times I read it, it stunned me. Even now, I am passionately considering what my answer is.

It’s a question that each one of us should answer; not just once but daily. It’s a question that seriously opens the door to deeper thought and careful examination. 

My Lesson: The LORD should be explored, sought after, and known by me on a daily basis.

Q: Who do you say Jesus is? 

“Behold, I make all things new.” – Revelation 21:5

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