12 Sundays (A 5P Journey Through the Psalms)|Week 5

12 SundaysWeek 5



Position: Psalm 148:1-7

Pore Over/Paraphrase:  A chorus of adoration and praise should be offered up to the One who is the Most High Creator. Everything, everyone, every known and unknown crafted by the eternal God should declare His magnificence and proclaim His glory.

Pull Out (the spiritual principles): 

– Praise versus complaints should be the order of the day. 

– Never hold back on your celebration of God. 

– Wherever you are in the grand scheme of things, praising God is paramount.

– There is a gift and a blessing in encouraging others to praise the LORD. 

– Be aware of how your praise of God can be manifested. 

– The LORD is higher than all and is to be given His place of honor.

Pose (the questions):

– What does it mean to praise God?

– Does my praise of/for God have to look like the praise of someone else?

– What comes out of my mouth the most, as it relates to God? 

– Should the LORD be praised daily? Why?

– How would my life be changed if I made a concentrated effort to celebrate God in every moment?

– Why is it so extremely important that mankind recognizes praise amongst God’s creation? 

– Do I encourage others to praise God?

– What are some of the ways I praise the LORD?

– Do I honor or esteem anything higher than God?

– Why is glorifying God so difficult for man? 


1) Complete a word study on hallelujah.

2) Proceed to Psalm 148:8-14. Read the verses and make your 5p notations.

photo courtesy of pelicanpromise


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