Ha Ha Ha for Moms

(Momisms courtesy of momdialogues)

Being a mother is a beautiful experience. Every day is a blessing. Having the opportunity to share and show your children the love and wonders of God…well, there’s nothing like it. With all the joy and beauty associated with motherhood and parenting, there are, however, some days when moms just need a little bit of laughter to go along with the wisdom lesson God needs them to learn.  
Here are a few fun, quirky, inspirational messages to moms, meant to lighten your mood and encourage you as you set forth to conquer a new day. These sayings can be applied to little kids…as well as big kids (aka adults).


– For every ounce of ugly, apply a double portion of beautiful.

– You might want to listen to that small, little voice instead of raising your own; you may just find that there is some wisdom in the message.

– The bathroom is a wonderful sanctuary. 

– Yelling begets yelling.

– Mean what you say and say what you mean otherwise your little recorder will check you.

– A slow and steady heart wins the race, but a quick, swift word can be effective. 

– All things work together for good. Period. The end. 

Check out Kim Cash Tate’s devotional for moms. It will bless your life. 


During the month of May, the Phone Tree will be featuring a number of mom-related posts. #mommotivation #mommoments #umm…mom #supermommadness


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