12 Sundays (A 5P Journey Through the Psalms)

12 SundaysWeek 7


Position: Psalm 118:1-11

Pore Over/Paraphrase:  Understand this, the love and mercy of the LORD endure forever. They are without end, just as He Himself is without end. These gifts are infinite and stretch beyond imagining. Allow their reach to be greater than your doubts or fears. Whatever challenge or obstacle stands in your way, trust that the God of heaven (by and through His love, mercy and very Being) will deliver you into the place of rest and freedom that He has planned for you all along. What is required of you, however, is that you believe and accept the LORD. You must seek Him out. You must allow Him to help you by moving out of His way and surrendering yourself in totality. He will take care of every wayward thing, person, and problem, without fail. Speak praise and truth in the name of the LORD!

Pull Out (the spiritual principles): 

– Know God! (Translation: Get to know Him. Keep learning of Him. Don’t forget to remember Him…in all things.)

– Appreciate the fact that the love and mercy of God looks nothing like what you are use to from man. It is greater because He is greater.

– Every aspect of God’s nature and character is bigger than your worst hang up. You have nothing and no thing to fear.

– God is a God of deliverance, liberation, resolution and peace, 24/7 and then some.

– Believing God is far better than believing the devil. God is truth; He does not lie. Let Him be your truth and life.

– Don’t stop seeking, pursuing, running after, walking beside, leaning into, and loving on God! Know Him. Breathe Him in.

– Get your big head out of God’s way. (Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: Look into what that means by examining yourself honestly and measuring your position based on God’s word.)

– God wants to take care of you and speak Life (Jesus) into all your needs.

– Praise the mighty LORD!

– Whatsoever you do, do all as unto the LORD and in His name. 

Pose (the questions):

– How well do I know the LORD? 

– Have I forgotten God in any way?

– Is it easier or harder to remember God in the details of my life? Is He my first or my last thought?

– What does it mean to me to know that God loves me?

– Is there anything I value more than God’s love? What and why?

– What about God’s character assures me that He can conquer my fears and foes every time?

– What do I want and/or need from God?

– Why is it easier to believe the lies of the evil one rather than the truth of the Holy One?

– Am I  running toward God or away from Him? (Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: Pray to God regarding this.) 

– What are some of my ‘big head” issues that get in God’s way?


1) Proceed to Psalm 118:12-20. Read the verses and make your 5p notations.

2) Complete the unique Spiritual Life Fitness Challenges for the week.

photo courtesy of crosscards


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