#5Reviewsin5Days, Day 1 (A Travelogue of the Interior)

Title: A Travelogue of the Interior: Finding Your Voice and God’s Heart in the Psalms

Author: Karen Dabaghian

About the Book: “Most travel tales begin and end with the book in your hand. Not this one.

As Karen Dabaghian shares the adventure of her year in the Psalms, you’ll embark on an ancient journey for those hungry to know God more intimately.

The Psalms were the hymnbook of the Hebrews, Jesus, and the early church. Today, we tend to pluck a verse here and there for a word of encouragement, but we have lost the Psalms as a guidebook for spiritual formation.

You can rediscover the Psalms as a traveler. Explore the terrain where your interior life and the Word of God intersect. Begin speaking to God with raw honesty. Listen as God replies with personal, life-giving words.

Above all, discover at the feet of the poet-king how to ‘taste and see that the LORD is good.'”

Phone Tree Review: Always open and willing to learn new ways of connecting with God, I was drawn to this book. The title itself seemed to promise that I would be able to find or perhaps come to better understand God’s heart through the poetic stories and writings of the Psalms, while also learning how to give voice to my inner thoughts and feelings. I confess that it was quite different than I expected but still valuable in such a way that I was able to walk away with priceless lessons. 

Some of the lessons I learned:

– Quiet reflection can unearth hidden treasures.

– Practicing solitude can lead to greater intimacy with God.

– Each time you encounter God’s Word, you face a new part of yourself.

– Pouring self out before God brings one to a whole new level of trust.

– There is a heart call and a heart response in each of the psalms.

– God’s covenant love has far-reaching, transformative benefits. 

Overall, I can say that I genuinely appreciated the author’s transparency and tone as she revealed her own journey and personal travelogue through the book of the Psalms. She spoke frankly and honestly, sharing her experiences, challenges and struggles. Her “Vista” views – her questions and comments – were thoughtful. They invited me to examine my true heart before God as well as consider a more unique perspective on matters. 

While I do not believe this book will appeal to everyone, I can say that I certainly think that those who choose to read it will be stretched. They may also be encouraged to express themselves by means of a poem well spoken. 

Rating: 3/5 ***

A review copy of this title was made available by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest critique. The words I have expressed are my own.



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