#5Reviewsin5Days, Day 2 (Bringing Narnia Home)


Bringing Narnia Home: Lessons from the Other Side of the Wardrobe 

Author: Devin Brown

About the Book: “The wisdom of C. S. Lewis comes in a form that is deeply moving as well as great fun and high adventure. Noted Lewis scholar and popular speaker Devin Brown reveals the lessons woven throughout this endearing text. Bringing Narnia Home presents Lewis’s timeless message for the Narnian in each of us. Imagine opening a book and finding chapters like these: Of Mice and Minotaurs: Actions We See as Small and Insignificant Can Be More Important than We Realize Despite What White Witches, Tisrocs, and Other Tyrants Think Narnia Would Not Be Narnia if It Was All Badgers: It Takes a Village (One with Giants, Dwarfs, and Everyone in Between) to Make a Community Adventures Can Begin in the Most Unlikely Places (Something to Keep in Mind the Next Time You Find Yourself in an Unlikely Place)
A wise, winsome, and whimsical look at the important values and lessons the Narnia series teaches that actually provide the groundwork for a profound and meaningful life.”

Phone Tree Review: Bringing Narnia Home was a book that I was terribly excited to read. Why? Frankly, it was because I wanted to see what everybody else saw when they looked at the Chronicles of Narnia. The truth of the matter is that I could not understand all of the elements and angles connected to the Narnia stories. So, when this book came to my attention, I was more than happy to look further into it; I thought it was a godsend.

From my first introduction to the Narnia movies and books, I wanted to grab onto the “great Christian message” that was so obvious to everyone. I saw some similarities between Aslan’s sacrifice and Christ’s sacrifice, between good and evil (as it was represented by Aslan and those of his way versus the White Witch and her minions), and between the young royals and their individual natures as it relates to issues such as pride, selfishness, etc. Beyond that, I was lost. This book, however, helped me to see things differently. Thankfully, it unpacked the hidden meanings Lewis was trying to, perhaps, convey to his readers.

The author of this book did a good job of describing Narnia, its characters, and the higher messages associated with each book. His voice was enthusiastic and clear. He educated even as he encouraged. By the time I finished reading his words, I felt more informed and more willing to give Narnia and its Chronicles another chance. 

Rating: 3.25/5 ***-

Other: Good resource for family reading series if coupled with the Narnia books

A review copy of this title was made available by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest critique. The words I have expressed are my own.



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