#5Reviewsin5Days, Day 3 (The Day I Met JESUS)


Title: The Day I Met JESUS: The Revealing Diaries of Five Women from the Gospels

Authors: Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth

About the Book: “Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ met face-to-face with people just like you. Broken, imperfect, sometimes fearful and without hope. “The Day I Met Jesus” is a beautifully crafted narrative that chronicles the remarkable encounters of five women in the Gospels who were desperate to find wholeness, security, and purpose. Like all of us, these women struggled with the regrets of their pasts, the stresses of their presents, and the worries of their tomorrows. 

Join Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth on a fascinating journey back in time as they retell the dramatic accounts of five women who met Jesus. Each narrative is told from each woman’s unique perspective, yet tightly grounded in the Gospel accounts and faithful to first-century history. Elegantly written and profoundly stirring, this book blends creative narrative with uncommon insight, spiritual depth, and practical application. 

If you are someone who seeks a renewal of hope, faith, and love, “The Day I Met Jesus” will make your Bible come to life and usher you into a fresh encounter with your Lord.”

Phone Tree Review: Where do I start with this review? I could start with the main title of the book itself, The Day I Met JESUS. Pretty powerful, isn’t it? It spoke volumes to my heart when I first learned of it. It had a dual meaning and addressed a personal quest and desire yet to be fully birthed within me. First, the title spoke to my need to remember, to recall my own unique story about the day I met Jesus for myself. Second, it spoke to my intense yearning and longing to meet Jesus anew in fresh day-to-day encounters. I must say that I was not disappointed when I embarked upon this reading excursion, viewing it from that beautiful perspective.

Another immediate attraction regarding this book was the subject matter beyond the main title. The subtitle and content broken down and dissected in parts promised and delivered an examination of five womens hearts. Five women from the Gospels – the woman caught in adultery, the prostitute who loved much, the desperate Samaritan woman, the woman with the flow of blood, and the woman whom Jesus loved – and their peculiar, relevant, heart-wrenching stories were brought to life in such an amazing way that it’s hard to describe. All I can say is that I was moved deeply. 

Finally, the dear, sweet, grace-infused storytelling of Mary DeMuth coupled with the scholarly considerations of Mr. Viola… Wow! What these two authors put together was so unusual and yet so purposed. They made the Bible come alive in an incredible way! I was impacted to the point of wanting to read this book in one sitting. But it is a book that must be savored. It is a book that must be appreciated. It is a book that the person with an open mind and heart must read through so slowly and so delicately that they can not help but see and experience each woman’s encounter with the Savior and personalize it. 

Everyone should read this book. It will certainly challenge you, teach you, inspire you and move you to look further into your own heart and into the heart of the Savior, Jesus the Christ. 

Rating: 5/5 *****

A complimentary copy of this title was provided by Baker Books, together with the authors. The words I have expressed in my critique come straight from my heart.


A Phone Tree Book Club Selection


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