12 Sundays (A 5P Journey Through the Psalms)

12 Sundays…Week 8


Position: Psalm 118:12-20

Pore Over/Paraphrase: The LORD God is my banner. He is my victory and my protection. He is my source of power and might. He is my deliverer and my justice. I will praise Him as such. In Him, I shall live and not die. I cannot help but declare this!

Pull Out
(the spiritual principles):

– The name of the LORD must be proclaimed before all.

– Let the LORD be lifted up in every event, every relationship and every thought in your life.

– Whoever God is in His fullness, let Him be that to you in the most personal way.

– Whether you live or die, let it be in the LORD.

– Let nothing get in the way of your praise. 

(the questions):

– Do I make a sincere effort to proclaim the name of the LORD?

– How does one go about lifting up the name of the LORD? (What does it look like in functional and spiritual terms?)

– Does the fullness and abundance of God mean that He is in fact everything I will ever need?

– What can I presently say my relationship with the LORD is like?

– Am I living alive in the LORD, or am I living as one who is dead, in a spiritual sense? Discuss.

– If I were asked to write a praise song to the LORD right now, what words would I use to express myself? 


Proceed to Psalm 118:21-29. Read the verses and make your 5p notations.

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