12 Sundays (A 5P Journey Through the Psalms)

12 Sundays…Week 9


Position: Psalm 118:21-29

Pore Over/Paraphrase: I have come to know You for myself, LORD. You are bigger than I ever imagined. You are everything, and I want You to be everything to me. Your Lordship, Your Kingship, they speak of deliverance and salvation. They are a promise to me and to all who choose You over all else. I praise You for who You are and who You will always be! Amen. 

Pull Out (the spiritual principles)

– There is a unique and special relationship that should exist between each individual and God. (Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: Explore what it means to have a covenant relationship with God.)

– Allow God to be your everything. Take Him personally, at His word.

– God is higher than high and yet He still makes Himself available. 

– God, in all His being, fulfills the needs of His children.

– God is faithful! Surely that is His name. 

– However much you praise God, still praise Him more on top of that.

Pose (the questions):

– Do I know God for myself or do I have a relationship through someone else?

– When I took my vows to God, did I really mean them? Did I really take them seriously? 

– What is entering a covenant relationship with the LORD all about? 

– Who is God, and who is God to me in this season?

– Do I approach God as one who has truly committed his/her life?

– Is there ever any place where I stand, sit, or fall that God cannot reach? 

– Do I believe that God can save me from myself?

– Do I have a need that God can speak to? 

– How can God be my Salvation, my Deliverer, and/or my King when I refuse to surrender to Him?

– What does my praise to God sound like right now? (Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: Write a praise song or praise poem to the LORD this week. Pour out your heart to Him.)


1) Proceed to Psalm 78:1-24. Read the verses and make your 5P notations.

2) Complete the Spiritual Life Fitness challenges. 

photo courtesy of Godtalkstoyou.com


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