12 Sundays (A 5P Journey Through the Psalms)

12 Sundays…Weeks 10-12


Position: Psalm 78

Pore Over/Paraphrase: There is a truth that must be spoken. It is for all to hear. It is a truth that concerns the LORD. The greatness of God, of His instruction, and of His dealings with His beloved people are to be revealed from generation to generation. 

God’s people must not forget from whence they came. They must remember where their hope can be found. If they forget that their focus, their strength, their provision, and their deliverance are found in God, then they are in danger of becoming stiff-necked and rebellious. And where there is a maintained presence of stubborn rigidity, arrogance and a rebelliousness, there can only be a heart that is not fully in tune with God.

How do God’s people turn their hearts from Him and rebel? How do they begin the path toward selfishness and arrogance? It begins with a lack of reverence, moves toward a disregard for the holy covenant, and quickly escalates to a sense of entitlement. From there, it travels toward a pure unfaithfulness and a forgetfulness. 

But what should not be forgotten? What should be remembered, reflected upon, and shared from father to son and mother to daughter, from saved to unsaved? What should be passed on regarding truth? This must be shared:

– God has done many marvelous works and wonders.

– The miraculous works and wonders of God were shown to His people and others.

– God separated the sea and allowed His children to pass through it. 

– God was present for His people day and night as they were led from bondage. 

– God provided for the needs of His children every step of the way.

– Although the Most High God did all that He could do for His children, they were never satisfied, and as such, they continuously sinned against Him. 

– The more God provided for the needs of His people, the more His people spoke about a greater want or a greater need.

– An unbelieving, faithless, irreverent people provoked the LORD. 

– But God, so full of grace and love, of mercy and compassion, provided bread from heaven and abundance in blessings. 

– For their sin and unbelief, they were punished, but they sinned even more. 

– Some of God’s children repented and reflected on who and what God was and had always been to them.

– Many of God’s children have lip service only. 

– Many failed to respect God.

– Many did not acknowledge the miracles in Egypt, the journey to freedom, or the divine deliverance that was in play at His hands.

– Many forgot how God dealt with the enemies of His children. 

– The children of God became more concerned with idols rather than with God.

– God was angry because of how His children were acting. He loathed their cheating ways.

– God left His wayward children to their ways until such a time that He saw fit to intervene.

– The LORD chose His God-blessed representative and established a means of salvation which would stand forever. 

Pull Out (the spiritual principles):

– History is of value in the most spiritual sense.

– God should never be forgotten. 

– Nothing good that happens is of self, it is a gift from God. 

– The entire truth of God, in relation to His people, should be shared – the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

– Hope, salvation, deliverance and freedom are all found in the LORD. It can come from no other source.

– Pride, arrogance, selfishness, stubbornness and hard-heartedness have no place in the lives of the faithful. 

– Revere God and keep His holy covenant.

– God is a God of miracles, wonders and works.

– God was, is and will always be the God who is present.

– Disobedience will always come with a consequence. 

– Repentance from a sincere heart is vital. 

– God knows the heart, the mind and the memory (or lack thereof) of His children.

– God loves us in spite of ourselves. 

– God’s love surpasses the love that man expresses toward himself and others. 

– The mouth and the heart are connected. Be careful what comes out of it. 

– It is God alone who administers justice and delivers judgment.

– If you seek to live a life of idolatry and adultery, you may be handed over into it. The way of such is certain death. 

– JESUS is the perfect answer and resolution to all things. He is both Savior and LORD. 

Pose (the questions):

– Have I forgotten God in any way?

– How often do I revisit the history of the ancients?

– Where has God brought me from on my journey toward freedom?

– Are the choices I make about me or about God?

– Who have I told about God and His people or about Jesus and/or His sacrifice?

– Am I hope-filled or hopeless?

– Do I live in bondage or as a free man/woman?

– What keeps me from being faithful to God?

– In what ways am I stubborn?

– Do pride and arrogance exist in my being? 

– What is true reverence to  God about?

– What do I know about holiness and God’s covenant?

– How are miracles, wonders and works of my

God manifested in this present age?

– What does it mean to me to know that God is present? 

– Why is it so much more desirable for men to live in disobedience?

– Do people repent daily? 

-What is the Biblical definition of repentance?

– Why do we try to hide from the God Who Sees?

– What great takeaway should we grasp about God’s love and His heart for His beloved children?

– What Scripture discusses “that which proceeds out of the mouth is in the heart?”

– Do I allow God to be God? 

– Am I guilty of getting in God’s way? 

– Where do idolatry and/or spiritual adultery exist in my life?

– Who is JESUS to me? How do I view Him? 


Spend some time reviewing all of your notes from the 12 Sundays series. Pray to God for greater understanding and godly wisdom. Stay in the Word of God and praise the Most High every day you are given! 


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