The HOSEA Intensive

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series based on HOSEA: Unfailing Love Changes Everything by Jennifer Rothschild 

Hi All!

Over the next few days and weeks, I will be engaging in a Bible study intensive. I will be focusing much of my attention and posts on the book of Hosea. I love that story so much! It speaks to life in such a profound way. Profound, in truth, is what I really, really need right now. In fact, I need an intense, deeply penetrating, in-depth, dig-into-the-Word study that allows me to experience God anew and then even beyond that. (#truth15…it’s an accountability thing, y’all)

I invite you to dialogue with me or to comment, as you feel, in response to my #HOSEAintensive shares. Please know that I will be writing in real time and that my posts will come as they need to, meaning that there is no set schedule. 

I send you sincere Christ-love from my heart, and I pray that God will delight you today and every day. Stay close to Him, guys. Don’t stop running! 




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