BEWARE|Poison In, Poison Out

What if we taught this lesson – BEWARE…Poison In, Poison Out – daily to every person we encountered? Do you think their lives would be the better for it? And what of your own life, do you think you would be the better for having to learn this lesson? 

A.M. Scripture Reflection: 1 Thessalonians 5:22

A.M. Spirit-to-spirit Thoughts: What you pour into yourself, what you feed yourself, what you expose yourself to, it all comes out in one way or another. If good goes into your mind and your heart, that is what will come out, but if bad, unfruitful, negative, unedifying things go in, what comes out but that which is unholy. 

Spiritual Life Fitness: Read the entire fifth chapter of 1 Thessalonians. Write down each instructive lesson that you find. 

Spiritual Fitness Challenge: Pray to God and reveal all those things that you need His help to abstain from. Be courageous enough to commit to praying about this matter until it no longer has a hold on you. 

(photo courtesy of blackgate via Google images)


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