A Faith and Family Book Review|Jesus Calling for Little Ones

Title: Jesus Calling for Little Ones

Author: Sarah Young

About the Book: “Jesus Loves You and Is Always With You

From bestselling author Sarah Young, Jesus Calling for Little Ones reassures toddlers and preschoolers of Jesus’ never-ending love. Devotions are written as if Jesus is speaking directly to your child’s heart—showing that Jesus knows us from our head to our toes and is always taking care of us. Along with adorable illustrations and a durable format, this is sure to be a treasure for your precious little ones.”

Phone Tree Review: Jesus Calling for Little Ones was an enchanting book that did much to nourish the tender hearts of God’s special, little angels. I adored the colorful illustrations and found the simple words to be soothing and encouraging. Overall, I thought that the author presented the content in such a way as to draw children closer to the word. 

My children gave a thumbs up with a smile rating to this book. 

Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes

Audience: Family 

Status: G (Basic, 2-4)

Read Aloud: Yes

Opportunity to Discuss/Go Further: Yes

A complimentary copy of this title was made available for review in exchange for an honest critique. I was neither compensated nor expected to submit a positive review. 



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