Raise Up This Child

Dearest Father,

Raise up this child so that he might know and revere You. 

Raise him up that he might stand for what You stand for. 

Nourish him that he might be strong for You, willing to confidently go and profess Your name to the masses. 

Gift him with the ability to see Your vision and to execute Your plans.

Grow him in the ways of knowledge, wisdom, insight, and understanding. 

Remove all fear from his life and rid his path of ungodly obstacles that mean him harm. 

Raise him up to not only recognize Your voice, but also to heed Your voice. 

Help him to discover You in all things and to be in awe of Your touch of grace on all creation. 

Raise him up to be a holy man of God, a faithful follower of Christ and a Spirit-infused student of the Word.

Guide and instruct him on the ways of pure and true worship and praise.

Cover him with Your love and let that love from You extend outward.

Raise up this child so that he might not back down from the fight ahead of him – a world gone chaotic, where bad is perceived as good, where ideals are traded for idols, and where the voices of the depraved strike out against any and all things that are in line with Your truth.

Raise him up to witness to a generation and people who need hope, have lost hope, and are constantly praying to You about the hope found in Christ.

Teach him about the blessing of surrender. 

Grant him with a heart to serve and to give and live like Christ.

Raise him up! 

I speak this over every child, in every family, in every place, in every circumstance. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Recommended Scripture Reflection: Psalm 23

(Photo courtesy of we heart it)


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