Praise in the Low Places, Part 2

What does the Bible say about praise? Psalm 34:1 answers that question perfectly.


Scripture Study Reference: Exodus 2:11-4:31

An Abbreviated Character Study: Moses (after he fled Egypt)

Low Place: Verses 11-15

  • He killed an Egyptian.
  • He hid the body of the Egyptian.
  • He was afraid and fled.

Study Tip: Notice the significance of each act, occurrence, and circumstance after such time that Moses fled from Egypt. Try to see the God-connect. Reflect on why the event is or might be so noteworthy.

Significant Act/Occurrence/Circumstance:

  • Moses took refuge in the land of Midian. (Spiritual Enrichment Challenge: Do a geographical study on this place. As part of your study, make sure to note the Biblical references associated with this region.)
  • Moses aided the seven daughters of Jethro at the well.
  • Moses was invited into the presence and home of Jethro and his family.
  • Moses was given the daughter of the priest and became a father. (Spiritual Enrichment Challenge: Complete a word study on the following: sojourner, pilgrim, and stranger, as it relates to Bible ->”stranger in a foreign land”.)
  • Moses remained where he was for an extended period. (Notice what the Bible says about the Israelites during this time.)
  • Moses was tasked with shepherding.
  • Moses had a supernatural encounter at the mountain of God. (Spiritual Life Fitness Exercise: Write your thoughts to the LORD about your understanding and/or need of His holiness.) 
  • Moses was schooled on who he was in relation to God.
  • Moses was afforded a chance to witness God in His I AM-ness.
  • Moses was shown the vision of God, told what He would do to realize that vision, and given a picture of the gift that was to come.
  • Moses was given a godly position and very specific role to play.
  • Moses was given a response and resolution to every perceived problem and equipped to deal with said problems.
  • Moses was given a direct teaching by God and was also shown much grace when the anger of the LORD blazed against him.
  • Moses was allowed a family reunion with his sibling and his people.
  • Moses was trained on how to handle his special tool – the rod of God.
  • Moses was shown a courtesy by his in-law.
  • Moses served as the mouthpiece for God.
  • Moses (and the people) believed.

Praise Opportunity (the place where grateful homage could have been rendered to God): Go through the verses as well as the listed significant acts and, in your own words, write down each moment that a praise belongs. 

Praise Proof (tested and approved)Personalize this message. Relate what you discovered to your life. (Example: If God has placed you in a certain position or presented you to a certain people, where might your praise go up? If God has removed something – a person, exposure to an idol – from your life, where might your praise go up? If God has given you a more defined role in His Kingdom plan, where might your praise go up?)

What is the overall lesson that you learned from this study?


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