Praise in the Low Places, Part 3

What does the Bible say about praise? Psalm 34:1 answers that question perfectly.  
Scripture Study Reference: Genesis 37:19-36, 39:1 ->50:26 

An Abbreviated Character Study: Joseph (post his pit dwelling experience)

Low Place: Genesis 37:23-28, 36 and 39:20 (emphasis on these particular verses)

– He was stripped of a cherished part of his identity by those closest to him.

– He was savagely betrayed and disconnected from all that he knew – family, heritage, etc.

–  He was pushed into a pit, literally and figuratively.

– He was enslaved and sent to Egypt.

– He was sold and bought like a household good, becoming the property of one of Pharaoh’s officers.

Study Tip: Notice the significance of each act, occurrence, and circumstance after such time that Joseph was placed in the pit. Try to see the God-connect. Reflect on why the event was, is, or might be so noteworthy.

Significant Act/Occurrence/Circumstance:
– Joseph was continuously positioned in such a way that he was lowered or rather humbled while at the same time God was elevated or rather made higher in the eyes of others. (Spiritual Enrichment Challenge: Go back to chapter 37 and begin reading up until the end of chapter 50 in order to gain perspective on this point.)

– Joseph was made naked, in a sense, and thrown into an empty cistern. (Spiritual Life Fitness Exercise: Pray to God about what the spiritual significance of what being naked and empty might mean in regard to gaining greater intimacy with the LORD.)

Joseph was not killed. 

– Joseph was sent to Egypt of all places.

– Joseph was sold to Potiphar, an important officer to the Pharaoh himself.

– Joseph was cared for by God in such a way that he became successful in his own right within the house of his Egyptian master. 

– Joseph was used by God to draw attention to His Supremacy.

– Joseph was favored and trusted where he was positioned and became a prominent figure where he stood.

– Joseph was noticed, propositioned, and accused by Potiphar’s wife and as a result, he was jailed. (Spiritual Enrichment Challenge: Begin a log, tracking every account of Joseph’s incarceration. Make note of the who, what, why, when, where and how of it all. What do you notice about the presence and lessons of God and what do you notice about the attitude and heart/mind of Joseph?)

Praise Opportunity (the place where grateful homage could have been rendered to God): Go through the verses as well as the listed significant acts and, in your own words, write down each moment that a praise belongs. 

Praise Proof (tested and approved): Personalize this message. Relate what you have discovered to your life. (Example: If God has allowed you to be positioned in a place that you may not have expected but that He needed His glory to be revealed through, where might your praise go up? If God has shown you much favor despite the negativity, wrongs, or injustices that you have had to face, where might your praise go up? If God has given you a more defined role in His Kingdom plan, where might your praise go up?)

What is the overall lesson that you learned from this study?

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