The Phone Tree Book Club|Kingdom Woman (Day 1/7)

Kingdom Woman – The Significance of…


“A kingdom woman is to reflect Him [God] and His kingdom in such a remarkable fashion that people want to know more about the kingdom she represents.”

“A kingdom woman may be defined as a woman who positions herself under and operates according to the rule of God over every area of her life.”

“As a kingdom woman who fears the Lord, guard your value by first making sure you view yourself according to the value God has given to you…You are to be treated as a treasure, not as someone to be trashed or used.”

“You are first and foremost a kingdom woman created for God’s work. Your life, through His sustaining strength, ought to be one of great purpose, spiritual power, and possibilities.”

Scripture Reflection for the Kingdom Woman: Psalm 139:13-14 

Encouragement for the Kingdom Woman & the Aspiring Kingdom Woman: How beautifully and wonderfully made you are. You have been made in the image of the living God! That should tell you how amazing you truly are. You are a gift and a blessing. You are a delight and a wonder. Your brilliance stems from that which is holy. Believe that you are everything the LORD has declared you to be. Hear His truths about who you are in Him, and accept it once and for all.


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