The Phone Tree Book Club|Kingdom Woman (Day 2/7)

Kingdom Woman – A Woman of Value/A Woman of Hope


“What sets a kingdom woman apart from any other woman boils down to her fear of God. Her reverence determines her actions, thoughts, words, and priorities.”

“The best news is that when you are a kingdom woman who chooses to walk in the fear of the Lord, then it’s His job to find and provide the tools you need to get His work done.”

“…being a kingdom woman isn’t summed up in just going to church more or doing more good things. It’s about connecting with the One who gives hope.”

“A key aspect of your life as a kingdom woman is in how you view and respond to Jesus. Is He merely something attached to a ritual or a routine…Or do you view Him as a real Person who longs to have a relationship with you?”

Scripture Reflection for the Kingdom Woman: Proverbs 31 & Luke 13:10-17

Encouragement for the Kingdom Woman & the Aspiring Kingdom Woman: The season that you are in is purposed and able to bring you closer to the One who loves you above and beyond. The things you are experiencing or have to deal with will serve to draw you into a more trusting relationship with the LORD whom you love. Focus all your attention on Him. He will steer you, fill you, nurture you, and save you.

(Image courtesy of Christian Chat)


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