The Phone Tree Book Club|Kingdom Woman (Day 6/7)

Kingdom Woman – Doing Life (Thoughts on Her Personal Life and Family Life)



“In your personal life as a kingdom woman, it is essential to note that in the good things of life, you should try not to lose the important things…How you schedule your time, as well as your resources, reveals what is truly important.”

“Pruning. Pain. Passionate pursuit of God. All three lead to bearing fruit in the life of a kingdom woman.”

“When you are within your prescribed role, God is free to flow His kingdom blessing both to you and through you.”

“A kingdom woman operates and aligns herself under the comprehensive rule of God without fear. If you will align yourself under God and honor Him in light of the distinct functions He has established within marriage and the parenting role, you can expect to experience God in unprecedented ways.”

Scripture Reflection for the Kingdom Woman: Psalm 37:3-5

Encouragement for the Kingdom Woman & the Aspiring Kingdom Woman: Never busy yourself with the cares of life so much so that you cannot partake of the presence of the LORD. Each day that you are given should be a testament to His goodness. Exalt Him in all things. Delight in Him. Praise Him with joy and gladness. Experience Him anew in every moment, and share that lesson with all who will hear.


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