Trading Vices (A Vice is Still a Vice), Scenario #1

 Many people walk around, struggling silently with vices. They try, if at all, to deal with those vices without drawing attention to themselves, however, more often than not, something seeps through the cracks and a weakness or wicked flaw can be observed by others.

Some Hidden and Obvious Vices:











The Christian who has to deal with an unwanted vice wars with herself. She battles her cravings, her desires, her longings, her addictions, only to realize that she can do nothing without the help of someone much stronger. Alone, she will continue to be lost, but with God, all things are possible…especially when it comes to overcoming a vice.

Where Real Life Meets the Word of God: 

Trading Vices…What Do You Have to Say About the Matter?/What Does the Bible Say About All of the Issues?

Scenario #1: A married, Christian woman is unfaithful to her unbelieving husband. The husband discovers his wife’s infidelity. Although the infidelity is not physical in nature, rather it is emotional, it has shattered the trust between the partners. The couple decide to stay together, however, believing that divorce is not an option for them. In retaliation for the unfaithful act committed by his spouse, the husband decides to reconnect with an old female friend via Facebook. The wife struggles with this greatly. Instead of talking with her husband or seeking out professional help, the woman turns to drowning her sorrows in a harmful substance.  She approaches you, as her dear Christian friend, to counsel her and advise her on what to do. Is there a message of forgiveness, hope, redemption, and/or deliverance that can you can share?

What do you have to say about the matter?

What does the Bible say about all of the issues?

(A Special Phone Tree BSG Post on Overcoming Vices)

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3 thoughts on “Trading Vices (A Vice is Still a Vice), Scenario #1

  1. The problem here is the flesh. The flesh must be crucified! But we cannot do that of our own accord. We must pray to God for a revelation of the cross, whereby the grace to crucify the flesh is to be found. Jesus said, “Take up your cross daily and follow Me”.

    • “The flesh must be crucified! But we cannot do that of our own accord.” No truer words have been spoken. The natural man desperately needs the Savior. Only through Him can we – any of us – overcome that which separates us from that which is holy.
      I love your final thought because it emphasizes the words of Jesus. Yes! Each one of us must daily take up our cross and follow the Savior. Either we do that or we can be overcome by the world.
      Thanks for commenting!

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