Praise in the Low Places, Part 6

What does the Bible say about praise? Psalm 34:1 answers that question perfectly.


Scripture Study Reference: Matthew 26:36-46

An Abbreviated Character Study: Jesus in Gethsemane

Low Place: 

– Jesus grew sorrowful and deeply distressed.

– The LORD Jesus was overwhelmed with grief, to the point of death.

– A bitter cup was before the LORD.

– Jesus was betrayed.

Study Tip: Notice the significance of each act, occurrence, and circumstance after such time that the LORD entered the garden.Try to see the God-connect. Reflect on why the event was, is, or might be so noteworthy.

Significant Act/Occurrence/Circumstance:

– Jesus was afforded an opportunity by God to teach His disciples before, during, and after Gethsemane.

– Jesus shared intimate moments of prayer with His Father. (Spiritual Enrichment Exercise: Study the specific prayers of Jesus. Make note of what was said, how He approached His Father, and what each prayer brought about.)

– Three witnesses were positioned near Jesus while at Gethsemane. (Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: How does the Bible define a witness and what is the significance of having them?)

– Jesus humbled Himself in form as He approached His Father in prayer.

– Though in a low place, Jesus put the needs of His Father before His own needs.

– Jesus forewarned His disciple to watch and pray, urging him to not get pulled down during the time of testing.

–  Although Jesus went off to prayer to His Father, he repeatedly returned to His disciples.

– Jesus faced His betrayers and accusers head on; He did not shrink away from His determined role. (Self-Examination and Reflective Study: How do you deal with those who have betrayed, hurt, condemned and/or used you? Is your method of dealing with the aforementioned in line with what the Bible says?)

– Jesus did not stand alone when the time came to face His challenge.

Praise Opportunity (the place where grateful homage could have been rendered to God): Go through the verses as well as the listed significant acts and, in your own words, write down each moment that a praise belongs.

Praise Proof (tested and approved): Personalize this message. Relate what you have discovered to your life. (Example: If God has allowed a certain experience to come before you or granted you a special message or testimony to share with others, where might your praise go up? If the LORD has brought you to a greater understanding about who He is, who He can be, and who He wants to be in your life, where might your praise go up? If God has replaced your bitter cup with a cup of His glory, where might your praise go up? How might you proclaim the greatness of God and His Kingdom works right now in this season?)

What is the overall lesson that you learned from this study?

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